To You All

Hi guys!

I’m so grateful for all of you who decided to follow me, even though I was gone for a great amount of time. I’m moving my blog to just one blog because it’s hard to post different things all on different blogs. It’s called “Here’s to being me” and it’s a blog I decided to make to, hopefully, inspire all of you through love, beauty, randomness, and even fashion. It’s things I constantly love and wish to show to all of you. 

Thank you and hope to have you all follow me again

~Beatrix a.k.a Ulzzang REI

Self-Esteem and Your Beauty

Mental Health! It’s true! Be POSITIVE. Being negative and not liking yourself can affect a LOT about you.


-Saying you’re ugly. Don’t say that, but don’t be conceited either. Instead compliment yourself everyday, like in front of your mirror in the morning. Love your face. Also remind yourself: It WILL get better.

-Saying you’re fat. QUIT THAT. You get down after seeing a tummy bump, then when you’re fat, you don’t want to do anything about it. Look at yourself, suck it in if you have to, and say you’re getting thinner! You’re enthusiasm and confidence will be able to give you a lot of energy to start doing something if you’re really worried.

-Other people calling you ugly or fat. Forget them! What goes around, comes around. Don’t mind them!

Start doing this small thing like complimenting yourself. It’s good for you. Your mental ability can do a whole lot more damage or a whole lot more good in your beauty. It’s simple. Look at yourself. Smile.


But that’s how it is. It WILL get better. It WILL, but first believe in that YOURSELF. If you don’t have much of a self-esteem then this is PERFECT for giving you that. It’s a perfect start for a beautiful person.

Warning: Don’t stoop to other people’s levels. If you got what you wanted move on, they weren’t worth your time in the first place so why make time to become like THEM? Be yourself, but also remember to forgive. What goes around, comes around. Remember that.

Dark Circles: Potatoes

This is the ONLY time I’m going to say potatoes are GOOD for you people out there. No, NOT the McDonald’s fries or the mash potatoes on your Thanksgiving table. F. R. E. S. H. PO-TA-TAS. PO-TA-TOES.

Benefits: natural whitener, gets rids of dark circles, and is able to freshen eyes

What to do:

-Wash a potato

-Put the potato into your freezer for atleast 5mins or until cool

-Take out the potato and slice it [like above] like cucumbers [you only need 2 slices]

-Take out 15-20 minutes of your life, put the potato slice onto your eyes, and LIE DOWN. Relax and enjoy the cooling sensation.

Do this everyday or every night before you go to sleep for as long as you want or just 2 weeks to start seeing some improvements.

Warning: No, don’t EAT the potatoes. Potatoes cause cellulite in your thighs and may even give you more weight. If you don’t want to gain weight, DON’T eat potatoes.